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RF Solutions

  • Bluetooth


  • Sub GHz

  • 4G

  • 2G


Working with global semiconductor leaders, Kues has crafted India's own BLE modules. These Bluetooth-centered modules power numerous IoT devices, from mobile phones and tracking devices to connected cars, wearables, smart appliances, and electric vehicles


Indigenously designed and developed, “first of its kind” affordable Doorbell device with visual and vibration stimulus.


For Hard of hearing Homes & Disable friendly Hotels

Kuebell rf.jpg
3D Sculpture


SEEAR is a revolutionary AI-powered device designed to detect, classify and convert common sounds into vibration or LED visual alerts on wearable devices or desktop consoles. It utilizes best-in-class hardware and the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to guarantee continuous upgrades. The device has been built with affordability in mind, allowing it to become accessible to everyone who wishes to benefit from its features. SEEAR will be the "Ear to hEARing" for many households. A solution that can help them to take control of their environment.

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